Orange County Therapy for Working & Professional Women

Why does work feel so much easier than marriage?

professionalYou know how sometimes you feel great at work – competent, respected, in control.  Then after a long day, you head home, wanting to feel the positive energy that can come from being with a loved one. But as you walk through the door, you notice that something just doesn’t feel quite right — there’s something that seems to be missing, In fact, you’ve noticed that you often feel more stressed than supported at home, and the relationship you envisioned isn’t the relationship you have now. You may feel confused, invalidated and angry.

Many professional women struggle to be successful at work and in their marriage at the same time. The role they thought they’d play as a working professional, mother and wife isn’t as easy as it was supposed to be.  We’ve been told we can do it all.  And while accomplishing all our tasks may be possible, we tend to minimize just how overwhelmed we feel.

But doing it all must include taking care of ourselves emotionally and physically. So while you’re taking care of business, kids and husband, who’s taking care of you? Maintaining any relationship takes work, but unfortunately, doing so is often at the end of your long “to do” list.  And it’s hard to ask for help or even open up when you’re supposed to be the smart, confident women. Many professional women not only don’t talk about their relationship struggles, they often lie about them — they have a reputation to uphold and don’t talk to others about their personal issues.

Your feelings about your relationship are not only real, they have to be addressed and taken care of. You must get your needs met, and you can!

Leanne can help you:

    Prior to being a therapist and coach, Leanne worked for many years as a management consultant in corporate America. During that time, she took a hard look at the women around her and the issues they faced. What she found has proven to be extremely valuable as she helps professional women create the loving relationships they need and deserve.

    “Through my personal and professional experience, I’ve developed a true passion for helping women develop the fulfilling relationship they desire.” — Leanne Hart, LMFT


    Counseling sessions are done via telehealth from the comfort of your home. Access can be simply achieved with a smartphone, tablet or computer. Leanne will walk you through the simple process. The quickest way to reach her is via text. She’ll do her best to return all calls, texts and emails by the next business day.

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    Phone: (714) 514-3779

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    Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 A. M. to 6:00 P.M.
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