Staying At Home

Orange County Therapy for Stay at Home Moms

Feeling overwhelmed being a stay-at-home mom?

stay_at_homeMany women are quite content staying home to raise their children. They have the financial freedom that allows them to spend their days with their children instead of pursuing a high-paying (or even low-paying) career. And they feel less stressed about being home with their kids then they do about working.

But no matter how much they enjoy being a stay-at-home mom, that doesn’t mean staying home full time isn’t without its own set of stressors. Caring for little ones, the home, the pets, the husband, etc. can be taxing, selfless and never ending. It can negatively impact the amount of time and energy you put into your marriage, which can lead to relationship stress. It may be your choice, but still you may not feel perfectly happy all the time.

We’ve been told that having the ability to stay at home with our kids is a privilege. And while that might be true, for some of us, the stress of staying home makes us lose focus on the job we are “privileged” to do. Although we can hang out in our pajamas all day if we choose and we never have to ask permission to take vacation days, we can still feel as if we’re not of value because we’re not contributing to the household’s bottom line. We may not feel as important as we once did, and the stress we’re under may be worse than any we ever felt at work. If we don’t feel important, how are we supposed to feel positive about what we’re doing and privileged to do it?

Feeling secure and confident about being a stay-at-home mom means feeling good about what we’re doing. We need to be able to recognize the value in all aspects of what we do.  To parent our children, we need patience, understanding and the ability to be flexible. But if we’re overwhelmed with life, then we lose what’s most important for us and our children.

Being a stay-at-home mom can feel isolating and overwhelming. Having little ones rely on you for everything can be scary. But if you can learn to take care of yourself as well as value what you’re doing, then your stress will decrease and you can feel whole again.

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