Relationship Decisions: 5 Tips for Getting You Through the Process

Relationship Decisions_5 Tips for Getting You Through the Process

There are many relationship decisions to be made throughout our lifetimes.  Should I marry him?  Maybe I should file for divorce?  Is it time to propose to her?  Should I separate?  I’ve been married and divorced.  Do I risk it again? 

A large percentage of clients I see are struggling with making a major relationship decision.  It has been my experience that most people can’t just make the decision when they want to.  Making the decision is a process which takes a different length of time for everyone.  The decision making process can be mixed with excitement, fear, anxiety, confusion and a variety of other emotions both good and bad.  

While you’re in the throws of exploring what’s right for you, use the 5 tips below to help get you through the process as painless as possible.

Take the Burden Off.  Don’t pressure yourself to make any kind of decision before you’re ready.  You have time.  The extra pressure only makes it more difficult.

Living in Limbo Doesn’t Feel Good.  Understand that not knowing what your ultimate decision may be can cause anxiety.  Keep in mind this is normal and it won’t last forever.  

Trust Yourself.  If you are patient you will ultimately make the right decision.  Trusting yourself will take some of the pressure off.

Listen to Your Gut.  Don’t over think it.  Listen to your gut.  Even if your gut tells you to make the harder decision, you probably should.

Listening to Others? While it’s most important that you make a decision for and by yourself, I always emphasize that ‘if everyone around you who knows you and loves you the most is telling you the same thing, you may want to listen’.  

There is no one size fits all for relationship decisions.  Everyone’s idea of a good relationship is different.  What works for one couple may not work for another.  Making a change in your relationship status should not be taken lightly.  The process can be difficult.  Use the 5 tips above to help you ease the pressure and get you to the happy healthy place you belong.

Relationship Decision_5 Tips for Getting You Through the Process