Are You in a Healthy Relationship? 13 Key Aspects of a Healthy Relationship

Are You in a Healthy Relationship

Many people believe that if they are attracted to their partner, everything else will fall into place.  However, when it comes to spending the rest of your life with someone attraction isn’t enough.   

Once the love heroine wears off a bit it’s important you have the basics of a healthy relationship.  Below are 13 key aspects of a healthy relationship.  To explore these areas further get a free copy of How Do I Make It Better? Relationship Appraisal.

Communication and Intimacy.  Communication and intimacy involve sharing and respecting each other’s personal thoughts and feelings.

Commitment and Security.  In order to create a strong relationship, both partners need to be committed and feel secure.

Respect.  If you respect your partner, you appreciate and possibly admire their traits and abilities.

Trust and Honesty.  Trust and honesty go hand in hand because both provide us with peace of mind.

Support and Nurturing.  Partners need to nurture and support one another through growth and development and through tough times by being helpful and empathetic.

Conflict Resolution.  Conflict not only needs to occur, it needs to be resolved appropriately so the couple will feel closer and resentment won’t build.  

Financial Stability.  Couples must work together to reduce the stress and resolve the issues which financial stress can cause.  

Emotional Stability.  Both partners must sustain an acceptable level of emotional stability for the relationship to remain somewhat calm and peaceful.

Enrichment.  Couples don’t decide to get together to keep their lives the same as they’ve always been — couples choose to develop a relationship in order to enrich their lives.

Affection and Sex.  Couples who both feel their needs for physical closeness are being met are happier and have a stronger relationship.

Individuality.  Our lives as a couple are enriched if we can function as both part of a couple and as an individual.

Friendship.  Although your partner shouldn’t be your only friend, you should feel as if your partner is your friend.

Commonality.  The most important things to have in common are your values and morals.

Explore the 13 aspects of a healthy relationship above to see how your relationship measures up.  If you’re finding there are areas which need improvement take the time with your partner to work on them.  If you’ve tried with little success, contact a marriage counselor or therapist.  With a little help you can have the healthy relationship you’re looking for!

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