Benefits of the Long Term Relationship

Long Term Relationships aren’t the same as ‘falling in love’.  The “love heroine”, as I term it in my blog post Why Falling in Love Feels so Good, has worn off and you have moved from falling in love to being in a relationship. It’s important to know the difference as both have incredible benefits and positive feelings.  Refer to the blog listed above to get a full understanding of what I mean by ‘love heroine’.

Many articles about long term relationships unfortunately focus on the negative changes you’ll have to face and the hard work you’ll have to put in to make the long term relationship work.  While that may be true to some degree, there are many wonderful and long lasting benefits of being in a long term relationship which most articles fail to mention.

The couple below, for instance, has had their share of ups and downs.  But look at them now.  They put in the work and faced the reality and the payoff has been well worth it.  I know this for sure.  They’re my parents.  Married 54 years and happy!

Benefits of the Long Term Relationship

Here are just a few of the benefits of being in a healthy long term relationship.

Companionship.  It’s nice to know that when you want to go to the Bahamas or just to the movies you have someone who would gladly go with you and you basically know their availability.

Intimacy.  You’ll always have someone safe to share your innermost thoughts and feelings.

No One Knows You Better.  We all have our quirks and our special needs.  When you’re with your partner for many years you get to know their idiosyncrasies and how to work around them.  That works out great for both of you.

Taking Care of One Another.  There will be times when one or both of you will become ill.  It’s nice to know that you have someone who you can count on to take good care of you.

Inside Jokes.  Over the years you’ll build a repertoire of your own.  It’ll be filled with inside jokes, reminders of funny moments and the ability to read one another’s minds (at times).  You’ll have great giggles together!

Support.  What’s the song, ‘Lean on me, when you’re not strong….’?  We all need support at some point.  Be it emotional, physical, financial etc. your partner will be there to provide it.

Security.  You’re not alone.  ‘You’re in this together!’

Memories.  From your first date to the birth of your first grandchild, you’ll have a lifetime of memories to reflect on and share.   You’ll laugh and you’ll cry.  But you’ll do it together!

Build You Up.  We all fall down.  We lose a job.  Fail a test.  Your partner will be there to build you back up when you’ve fallen down.  They’ll be your best coach and cheerleader.

All relationships have ups and downs.  Keep up the good work and you can reap the benefits of the long term relationship!

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