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Marriage & Family Counseling in Orange County

Are you unhappy in your relationship?

When it comes to their romantic relationships, women often feel unfulfilled but have difficulty pinpointing and resolving the issues that will make them feel happier and more satisfied. Sometimes they aren’t sure if their marriage is normal or not. Other times they’re just not sure how to create the change they desire. Leanne Hart is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in relationship counseling and coaching for the variety of issues women face.

Are you experiencing any of the following?
      • Your attempts at communication have failed
      • You don’t feel the closeness you desire
      • You’ve lost the strength or confidence to move forward with or without your partner
      • You feel desperate to resolve issues that have gone unresolved
      • You aren’t sure if you should stay or leave
Counseling with Leanne can help you resolve issues and restore peace and closeness to your life.

Leanne is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in women’s relationship counseling. She’s helped hundreds of women gain the personal insight they need to make positive changes in their relationships. Leanne provides women with the validation and understanding they need in order to resolve the anger, confusion and anxiety they’re experiencing. As an expert relationship coach, she understands the importance of feeling connected and assists women in achieving the connectedness they desire.

Leanne helps women understand the unique differences men and women have and helps them celebrate those differences in order to feel more at peace with their choices.

What to Expect

  • The support you need to create lasting change
  • Skills to help improve communication and resolve issues
  • Learning to balance life’s demands while creating more time for the things you love
  • Making choices that keep you on the road to fulfillment

Do it for you…

  • Feel connected and loved in a healthy relationship
  • Take time to feel good about yourself again
  • Feel empowered to make decisions that lead to your happiness

I’ve Had It And I Don’t Know What To Do.

Are you finding more fulfillment in your profession than in your personal relationship?

Many professional women earn high salaries, work in high pressure jobs, travel for work and are professionally in demand. They’re wildly celebrated for their performance at work and obviously expect their spouse to be as proud of their success as everyone else seems to be.

Unfortunately, for many women, when it comes to their spouse, their expectations are left unmet, and they find themselves in mutually unhappy relationships.

Being an independent career women was supposed to be all we needed to work at — the relationship part was supposed to just fall into place. Sadly, many professional women are finding they need more than a five-star hotel and annual bonuses to make them happy. It’s hard when you feel competent and in control at work yet still have the desire for more at home.

Women do want connectedness, help and support from a spouse, but getting it doesn’t always come naturally.


Do you feel as if you’re struggling with a decision about your relationship?

As women, we’re constantly thinking about the quality of our personal relationships. Marriage can be so challenging that many women struggle with the decision to leave the relationship on a regular basis, and many women are lost trying to figure out the valid reasons to leave a marriage.

Unfortunately, there are no absolutes (with the exception of violence perhaps) that determine what constitutes a valid reason for leaving a marriage. That’s because each person has a different definition of a good marriage, and each person has a different set of circumstances to consider.

What’s important to remember is that making a long-term decision of any kind shouldn’t happen overnight. Although the process is different for everyone, it is one that takes careful consideration.

I Feel Completely Overwhelmed!

Are you overwhelmed by what you thought would be the most fulfilling time of your life?

Having the opportunity to stay home with your children was supposed to mean days at the beach and play dates in the park.  For most mothers, those are fleeting moments. Being a stay-at-home mom is, by far, the most difficult job there is. Unfortunately, not too many people truly understand the needs and struggles of the 24/7 mother.

Women who went from working at a job to staying at home often struggle with the loss of feeling competent and connected to the outside world. The stimulation that comes from talking to adults and successfully completing assignments is gone.  Although moms are always with their kids, there can be a great sense of loneliness for the stay-at-home mom. While nurturing your children is the most important thing you’ll do, it provides the least amount of regular reinforcement, appreciation and pay.

Taking care of yourself will make you feel better, decrease stress and make life fun again.


Counseling Sessions

Counseling sessions are done via telehealth from the comfort of your home. Access can be simply achieved with a smartphone, tablet or computer. Leanne will walk you through the simple process. She also provides some sessions from her comfortable office located in Huntington Beach.

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